This is a trip to the Yas Channel that can be organized in the morning or in the afternoon.這是一次可以在早上或下午組織的Yas Channel之旅。 As soon as out of Yas Marina, we cruise down Al Raha Creek alongside the stunning Al Raha Beach development, then into the Yas Channel.從Yas Marina出來後,我們沿著Al Raha Creek沿壯麗的Al Raha Beach開發區航行,然後進入Yas Channel。 The cruise is about 1.5 hours.航行時間約為XNUMX小時。 We deploy the anchor nearby a tranquil natural shallow lagoon that becomes an island as the tide goes down.我們將錨定物部署在一個寧靜的天然淺潟湖附近,隨著潮水落下,該潟湖變成了一個小島。 There we swim in the clear waters, we can also paddle or snorkel over the seagrasses meadows and enjoy the unique beauty of the area with a complimentary drink and snack.在這裡,我們可以在清澈的海水中游泳,也可以在海草草地上划船或浮潛,並免費贈送飲料和小吃,欣賞該地區的獨特美景。 In winter, Greater Flamingos can be observed in the lagoon.冬季,在潟湖中可以看到大火烈鳥。 Other birds such as the Western Reef Heron can also be watched in the nearby mangrove forests.您也可以在附近的紅樹林中觀賞其他鳥類,例如西礁蒼鷺。 Indo-Pacific Humpback dolphins are not an uncommon sight in the channel.在該頻道中,印度太平洋駝背海豚並不罕見。


  • 最多10客人
  • 船長租船:1位機長+ 1位空姐
  • 持續時間:6小時=>包括航行3小時和錨地3小時
  • 早上時間:9:00至14:00
  • 下午時間:15:00至20:00
  • 餐飲或燒烤,每人額外收費AED 100


  • 水,汽水和小吃(胡蘿蔔,黃瓜和堅果)
  • 槳板